The Howard Reunion.

After the Mower Reunion we headed up to Bear Lake to have the Howard Reunion. We ended up staying in a huge house a little bit behind Pickleville Playhouse and it held about 50 people. The backyard of this house was absolutely GORGEOUS!


This reunion was filled with so many fun things. We had 2 babies be born and 1 on the way so we had a baby shower for them, we played games in the back of our house almost every night, we went to Pickleville Playhouse to watch Shrek (it was AMAZING), we ate delicious food, ate raspberry milkshakes, went on the lake, and just had an amazing time being with all of the family that we love. (Thanks to Tyson for your fabulous drone shots).



I am so grateful for these reunions. We always have such an amazing time, and spending time with family really is the greatest!



The Mower Reunion.

Each year for the Mower Reunion we go to the Uintahs and camp out. We love going every year!


Brady’s family is amazing, and there are always so many shenanigans that happen while we are there. Brady and Tyson taking turns shooting each other with the BB guns.

Gentry calling me by saying, “Heyyyy girlfriend!” (So cute!) And this year Steph put together an eating challenge. It was absolutely disgusting and hilarious. I couldn’t believe so many people did it! (I am looking to get a copy of the footage, if I get it I will post it).


Of course, you can’t forget the Mower Olympics! We added in a doubles game this year called Corn Hole. It was a pretty big hit!


I really did a bad job at taking pictures this reunion. Well I shouldn’t really blame myself, I have very limited storage on my phone so I couldn’t take very many pictures. I am really bummed out that I didn’t capture everything that I wanted to. One of these days we will upgrade and I won’t miss out on anything!

Robyn & Eric’s Visit.

Back in June Robyn & Eric came to visit us for Robyn’s birthday bash, and we had SUCH AN AMAZING time with them!

Seriously, it was so amazing to show off everything we love about Wilmington. I wish I would have blogged about this earlier so I could write down all of the specific details on all that we did, but I sure am grateful that Brady and I put together this video of the trip!

All visitors are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

Temple Trips.

The closest temple to us is the Raleigh Temple. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we live. It is so weird to know that not only do we not have our pick of temples to go to, we can’t go whenever we want, and we have to make reservations. It has been quite an adjustment to make.


Even though it has been an adjustment in our lives and we don’t get a chance to go as often as we used to, we are so grateful for when we do get to go. Brady and I get all of that time to talk, sing, and dance in the car. And we absolutely love the Raleigh temple. It is so beautiful and going to perform ordinances there is always such an amazing experience.

Yay for temples!



Memorial Day Weekend.

We had quite the Memorial Day weekend! We have made some really great friends in our ward, and two different families were nice enough to invite Brady and I along to spend the days with them and their families.

On Saturday the McGill Family invited us to spend the day at Fort Fisher beach. That is one of the few beaches in the area that we hadn’t been to so we were really excited. To get to the beach (well the bigger part) at Fort Fisher you actually need a four-wheel drive car to get there. So we met them at the parking lot and they let us hop in the back of the truck and we took off. It was a neat experience, I’ve never driven on a beach like that and because you have to drive out there to have access to the beach we weren’t surrounded by tons of people like we would have been at other beaches. It was really nice!


The McGills have a daughter named Jessica, and she, her husband Dallin, and sweet little boy Eddin are staying with them this summer before Dallin does his rotations for medical school up in Fayetville. We feel so lucky to have gotten to know them all!

They ended up bringing corn hole and we brought Spikeball. They hadn’t heard of Spikeball and ended up loving it! We are so excited that they liked it, we have been wanting to play it with people here for a while!



We had a really great time with the McGill family!

On Monday the Kandare family invited us to go to Wrightsville Beach with them, their daughter Jane, and their son-in-law Matt. The Kandares like to go early so we ended up getting to Wrightsville Beach around 7:30 just to save a spot. We were lucky we did because this is the most popular beach around here, there is limited parking, and the lots were full around a half hour after we arrived.


I wish I got more pictures of our little setup we had. I only took one right as we were getting everything in place. In fact I wish I had more pictures of the McGill and Kandare family. I was just enjoying my time so much I didn’t even think about taking any!


We brought Spikeball and introduced it to them, and they loved it as well!

We had a fun time at Wrightsville Beach, this is one of the prettiest beaches we have around here. There are seashells everywhere!


Later that evening after we left the beach the McGills invited us back over for a cookout at their home. They requested we bring Spikeball so the rest of their family could try it and guess what? Another hit! We played games all night. It was a lot of fun!


We are so lucky that we have met these wonderful people and that they have taken us in the way they have!


Southport, NC.

Back in May Brady and I went down to Southport. It is about a 40 minute drive from our house in Wilmington, or we could go down to Fort Fisher and take the ferry over to the little town (that’s what we did with Robyn and Eric when they came). This time we decided to take a drive.

I have been wanting to go to Southport since I saw the Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven. It looked adorable, and it certainly was adorable! We went around to a few different sites like Ivan’s Fish Shack and the General Store (both are restaurants so they don’t really look like they did in the movie). But in their visitor’s center they had a little room dedicated to all of the movies that have been filmed there, and a big portion of it was dedicated to Safe Haven. They had a bunch of memorabilia that were in the movie, like the letters that were written, the bicycle, etc. It was fun to see!


Then we just wandered around. It is a very small city so we really only spent half a day there. It has a cute little strip of restaurants right on the water, a fun little boardwalk, and then a marina. I am really glad we went!




After we finished up there we were walking back to our car to drive out to Oak Island to take a look and we came across the Christmas House. We went inside and it was AMAZING! I was so amazed I forgot to take pictures. It had Christmas music playing, and you could buy any type of tree ornament you wanted there. Each room had a fun different Christmas element and we had a blast in there! There was also tons of candy so that was fun too ๐Ÿ˜‰


So like I mentioned, we went out to Oak Island. I guess Oak Island is mostly private. There is a huge portion that we couldn’t even get to because we didn’t have passes or reservations. So we just went to one of the public beach accesses and saw this. It was pretty!


Robyn & Eric’s Trip.

Robyn and Eric came to visit for Robyn’s 60th birthday and WE HAD THE BEST TIME!

I was so excited to have them come, but also a bit nervous. We have absolutely fallen in love with Wilmington and the people here and we have been wanting to share this with our family. But as their trip approached, I started getting a little anxious. What if they hated it? What if it was too hot? What if they didn’t like our friends here? That would be a serious blow. I was also feeling protective of our new city. How would I respond if they didn’t like it as much as we did?

Silly things to worry about, I know, but luckily those worries were squashed from the moment I saw them. It was just so comforting to have them there. Our family. And they really loved Wilmington! Which of course, made us so happy.

So Robyn and Eric, thank you for coming! It was so much fun to show people we love the places that we love. Now, who will be next to visit? ๐Ÿ™‚ update!

So how long has it been since I have updated last? I don’t even know. I am going through my off again portion of my on again off again blogging regime. Each time I go through long periods of time without wanting to update I always try to pin point why I stopped blogging. Most of the time it is motivation (or the lack there of). But this time I think I know what it is:


Brady and I still have iPhone 5’s that are 8 gb. Apple doesn’t even make a phone now that is less than 32 gb. Anyway, we have managed for so long with 8 gb, but the older our phone gets, the less storage it seems to have. So what I am getting to is I do not have enough storage to take pictures. If I don’t take any pictures I don’t want to post anything. For some reason I just feel that posts without pictures aren’t as fun. Whether that is true or not, I am not sure, but it’s how I feel.

So to bad so sad, I am actually going to force myself to give an update without any pictures. Here it goes!

We have been living in Wilmington for almost 4 months now. It took us 2 whole months to find a home, which now we have! (Oh hey, I do have one picture!)


There it is. Isn’t it cute? We live right downtown, just a block or so away from the start of the downtown boardwalk. Our neighborhood is beautiful and we love the area we live in. We live on the main floor of this house, and someone else lives upstairs. It is kind of a funky layout, but we really like it now that we are settled in. One of these days, when I get my memory issue figured out, I will do a home tour and post it on here.

Just before we got our house at the beginning of April, I got a job! I am working as an administrative assistant for a small construction company here. I am really enjoying it! It definitely isn’t what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but I really get a long well with the owner, and am enjoying learning about the construction field.

Brady has been working onย some WordPress work lately. iOS has been a bit tricky to get started with, but we are excited for the opportunities he has been getting and for when he will be able to be mostly/fully doing iOS work.

We love it here. Our neighborhood is great. We love our house. And we love our ward. Each week I just feel so grateful that we have them.

Our best friends here are the Stainbacks. They are AMAZING! Seriously we love them. They are an older couple who have a few grand children. Their oldest grandchild is coming home from his mission in June. Anyway, we get along with them so well. They are sweet and as southern as can be. We love it!

We had another younger couple who we really got along with, the husband actually went to my high school, but was a couple years older than me, and his wife is from Blackfoot. Anyway they just barely moved back to Utah and we are pretty sad about it.

Luckily we have had a few other couples who we are just starting to get to know. And just last week at a relief society event, I had one of the presidency’s daughters come and introduce herself to me. Her, her husband, and their little boy just moved in with her parents for the summer. They are just staying there while they look for a home in Fayetville, which is about 2 hours away. We decided to go out together this past weekend and had the best time! We even got to play games with them after. We haven’t really had a chance to play games at all here, and anyone who really knows us knows how important game nights are!

Anyway, we are slowly, but surely making friends. And what I love the most about it is they are all from our ward. I haven’t really ever been in a ward where people reach out to us the way that they have here. It has been amazing to see.

Oh I have a calling as a relief society teacher. I wasn’t super pumped for it at first, but these relief society sisters in my ward are absolutely incredible, so I have loved being a part of that. Brady just got a calling today, but hasn’t been sustained yet so I better not put what it is.

So there it is. My update for what we have been doing for the past 3 months. We have had quite a few events come up, some that I will hopefully blog about in the future, but for now, this will just have to do.


Valentine’s Day.

We don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day. I mean it’s fun, but it’s not something we feel like we really need to do a big celebration on with gifts and what not. So we spent most of the day working (me searching and applying for jobs) and house hunting. That really is what consumes every waking hour it feels like. Which is okay.

We did decide to go out to dinner and then after we went and walked on the boardwalk downtown, because we just can’t get enough of it. We brought Cheerwine with us (it is a soda, not wine, and I guess you can only get it in North Carolina) so we thought we would sit in these cute little rocking chairs and try out Cheerwine for the first time. *Spoiler alert* It’s DELICIOUS!

And as we sat and rocked and took in the scenery, we just laughed. And laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And I couldn’t help thinking that this is how it is supposed to be. That I am SO dang lucky to have found my person.